The new Grabber A/S 365: Your access to any season

General Tire, the tradition-rich tyre brand with its American heritage, has launched its latest all season tyre: the Grabber A/S 365. 

West Drayton, September 2018. General Tire, the tradition-rich tyre brand with its American heritage, has launched its latest all season tyre: the Grabber A/S 365. This season’s newcomer is an all-season tyre for SUVs, Taking the Grabber name that symbolises toughness, durability and longevity, coupled with excellent traction in all seasons for 365 days a year.

The new Grabber A/S 365

In the new Grabber A/S 365, General Tire unites the extra-robust performance of SUV tyres with year-round safety. To achieve this, the tyre developers have created a tread that features solid shoulder blocks for high grip on wet and dry surfaces. Wide grooves in the tread and between the shoulder blocks disperse water and slush fast, while sipes in the central tread blocks help the tyre deliver high grip on typical wintry roads.

With the outer shoulders designed for summer driving needs while the center section of the tyre delivers in winter, the Grabber A/S 365 delivers an effective distribution of load between the different sections of tread. The tyre owes its high economy to a very balanced distribution of footprint pressure, leading to even wear.

The Grabber A/S 365 also boasts DuraGen Technology, meaning Ultra-High Strength Steel Belts provide exceptional penetration resistance and uniform footprint pressure. This gives the driver confidence when driving under all approved load conditions.

Drivers in regions with only minor temperature fluctuations – mild winter and summer – would be wise to consider the Grabber A/S 365 due to its year-round capabilities. Initially, General Tire has five sizes for 17-19-inch rims in its line-up, suitable for SUVs from European and Asian manufacturers.

As well as the Grabber A/S 365, General Tire offers an array of Car, Van and SUV tyres for Summer, Winter and All Season. Whether it’s extra-robust performance, or safe driving in winter, the General Tire tyre portfolio includes an option for every driver and condition.

The Altimax A/S 365 – an all-season car tyre

The Altimax A/S 365 is an all-season tyre for European requirements. The U.S. tyre brand, which in America has a long history of developing high-performance all-season tyres, has infused this model with a good blend of safe-driving characteristics in summer and winter. Stable shoulder blocks provide good transfer of longitudinal grip when moving off and braking. Wide circumferential and lateral grooves make for rapid water evacuation from the contact patch when driving in the wet. For safe driving in winter, the new Altimax A/S 365 features V-shaped blocks in the center of the tread, specially designed for all-year use and with sinusoidal sipes that offer a large number of biting edges.

The Eurovan A/S 365

General Tire has rounded out its all-season tyre line-up with a model for light commercial vehicles and vans. The Eurovan A/S 365 offers safe handling properties on wet and dry road, as well as good dynamic stability on wintry roads. To deliver this performance it relies on a tread pattern with zigzag sipes for secure interlocking with wet road surfaces and wide tread grooves that disperse water fast. The numerous edges interlock effectively with snow, while special “pockets” retain the snow to deliver snow/snow friction. When driving on dry roads, wide ribs in the center of the tread make for high stability, while special handling ribs provide effective tread support on cornering. General Tire has 12 sizes available for 15- and 16-inch rims.

Five advanced tyres for SUVs

General Tire offers a selection of five SUV off-road tyres to meet many different needs. Along with the Grabber X3 that can also handle tough terrain, there is the Grabber AT3 for mixed on- and off-road use. Both models feature the robust characteristics and high grip that their intended applications demand. For the Grabber X3 the development engineers at General Tire give an on/off-road ratio of 20/80 percent while for the Grabber AT3 the ratio is 50/50. With these state-of-the-art tyres, General Tire offers two new solutions in its core all-terrain segment for off-road driving enthusiasts, as well as for professionals in the construction, agricultural and forestry sectors who expect maximum mobility in even the toughest conditions.

The advanced tread design of the new Grabber HTS60 with its blocks and sipes offers many edges for reliable interlocking with the road surface, also in the wet. The compound is designed to ensure that the tyre presents good chip and cut resistance in off-road use. To ensure a comfortable ride and low noise, the tyre features a tread profile that offers very effective noise reduction.

In the Grabber GT, 4x4 tyre specialist General Tire has come up with an on-highway model specially designed to handle the demands imposed by SUVs and 4x4 vehicles. Its main advantages are high safety under braking on wet and dry roads, precision handling and safe aquaplaning characteristics.

With the Grabber TR, another SUV/4x4 specialist joins the General Tire portfolio, 

combining safe handling on the road with good all-terrain driving capabilities. This robust tyre with its eye-catching tread design with the blocks set at different angles and rugged shoulder sections is also designed to handle tougher terrain. The special tread compound prevents stones being picked up and provides greater resistance to punctures or cuts. 

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